“AUM” is not a religious word but it’s a cosmic sound. “AUM” was not uttered but it was told to the humanity after listening from the universe through Meditation. Our ancient Rishis did not write the word “AUM” on their own but they had written this word after hearing the same from the universe. We chant “AUM” during meditation just to match our frequency with the cosmos and to establish a connection.


The ‘tik-tok’ of clock keeps on happening 24X7 but we can only hear it if the whole noise of our surrounding stops and settles down. Similarly, the sound of “AUM” keeps on happening 24X7 deep inside our body, but we can hear the same only if we are able to stop and settle down all the unnecessary noises (thoughts) inside our body, and this is possible only through Meditation.

It means if everything stops in the universe, there will only be one thing which will anyway keep on happening and that is “AUM” sound or we can say that only “AUM” is tangible in the whole universe and rest everything is illusion.


When we chant “AUM” while meditating we actually start making a connection of the cosmic sound “AUM” with our inner sound “AUM”, although both the sounds are one but because of the wall of illusion we have separated them ourselves. The moment we demolish the wall of illusion through Meditation on “AUM” the cosmic energy starts flowing through our energy centers (we have seven main energy centers (Chakras) in our body, this we will discuss in my up-coming posts) and starts cleaning them and making us healthy, which is the very basic benefit of Meditation. Now, because our energy centers (Chakras) are getting cleaned and healthy our body will start telling us about what is right and wrong for us through intuitions. All we have to do is listening to our intuitions and doing Meditation regularly.

By Jitendra Yadav

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