In the video Hon’ble Shiva is telling some very important facts about third eye. There are three types of people :-

One, who believes in third eye but believes that it can not be activated.

Second, who believes in third eye and believes that it can be activated.

Third are, who does not believe in third eye.

So this video is for the first two types of people. Different concepts of third eye exist due to lack of authentic knowledge.

Third eye is the energy which when vibrates at Agya chakra, it increases the power of all senses & they become more subtle. When third eye is active then according to tantra 51 sections of brain & according to yog 1000 senses start working step by step.

Yes, third eye can be developed very easily. Only “Patrata” is the requirement and it comes through integrity, commitment and connection with the source.

He also wants to talk about the most prevalent myth about the third eye in the society. The myth is that the third eye is opened at once instantly, and after that a person can access the whole universe. However reality is not like the same.

Truth is that third eye can be developed systematically and gradually with continuous efforts and guru’s guidance.

When this process starts then a person starts knowing about his/her body & outside of his/her body.

Among its benefits, we can also count the knowledge of different vidyas, nature and unlocking the knowledge of universe. Knowing one’s own body & mind also results in knowing other’s body & mind as a unique power.

This all becomes possible because the power & efficiency of senses are enhanced and they can now understand sooksham tattva & knowledge of this universe as well as todays system.

Course Highlights :-

  • Know your third eye
  • Third eye concepts
  • Detoxification processes
  • Third eye practices
  • Third eye experiments
  • Third eye initiation

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